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Stretch and sweep cervix soft

stretch and sweep cervix soft

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In the event that the cervix is discount code for car rental expedia too closed to fully sweep the membranes, the cervix may instead be stretched so it can be swept at another time.
As much of babys final development (including brain and lungs) happens in the last few weeks of pregnancy, its important to let them stay in as long as possible.
My mw offered to do a sweep at 394.That means if it is facing backwards, its not dilated, effaced and not soft.Really hope you go naturally - it can't hurt to ask for another sweep.Also in the notes she circled '1-2cm dilation' - so does that mean i'm dilated?I guess there is always today and tomorrow, have felt nothing but a bit of cramp since the sweep.What If A Stretch Sweep Doesnt Work?Some health professionals regularly do a stretch and sweep during routine examinations at the end of pregnancy.Its common to experience some spotting after one, but this will occur whether or not labor is about to start, discount lagoon tickets october 2017 in most cases.So I assume it IS possible to do it even if the cervix is closed, but only if it's on the point of opening and soft enough to be manipulated a bit.On an unripe cervix, some women say it can be more painful than full blown contractions in labor.However it is your legal right to refuse any medical procedure (whether thats an internal check, a sweep or a c/section).